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Consolidate and track global corporate communications with a single interface for news, PR, and social while managers build and replicate product campaign websites in a snap.


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brand control

Brand control at warp speed

Consistent communication driven from corporate 

  • brand

    Ideal for branding, IR websites and PR crisis management

  • traffic-stats

    Multi-sites SEO with integrated blog, mobile, social, Yahoo!, Google News, and Press Releases

  • multi-lingual

    Multi-lingual interfaces and worldwide support

Publish optimized content, news, press releases and social network updates from your own centralized online marketing platform, while steering clear of in-house IT-induced limitations.


Build, deploy and implement SEO into your website, all at once

Campaign websites in the blink of an eye

  • ideal-compaign

    Create your ideal campaign, then replicate successful strategies, instantly

  • total-cost

    Reduce Total Cost of Ownership and maximize ROI with pay-as-you-go services

  • technical

    Get all the expert technical and marketing execution support services you need

Whether you're running for a higher office or for the corner one, we provide the firepower you need to build, manage, market and replicate successful websites, fast.

campaign websites
grow limbs

Grow limbs on demand

Scalable and flexible worldwide infrastructure 

  • open-source

    Flexible environment allows for easy integration of any application

  • content-delivery

    Scalable pay-per-use Content Delivery Network

  • open_source

    Open source front-end with shopping cart, member area, mobile, and more

Scale resources, as needed, with a flexible, open-source environment that safely handles high traffic and demanding web applications.


Call the shots

Real-time management, reporting and call tracking

  • traffic-stats

    Multi-sites traffic stats and search rankings report

  • call-tracking

    Call tracking and recording

  • e-commerce-dashboards

    Custom, centralized e-commerce dashboards

Get traffic stats, technical alerts, call tracking and recording for all your campaigns across your network from one central dashboard.

call the shots
tighten up

Tighten up

Enterprise-strength security 

  • virtual-firewall

    Secure 256-bit encryption data storage

  • secure-pgp-ssl

    PGP and SSL secured online access

  • secure

    24/7 physical and virtual firewall surveillance

Stay safe with highly protected data centres and state-of-the art surveillance to ensure ultra-tight security for all your web properties.

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