Website Migration & Replication

Website Migration & Replication

Simply changing for the best: fast & seamless website migration

SeoSamba can simply and seamlessly migrate your website to a our optimized content delivery network simply by mirroring your existing webiste without any noticeable downtime.

During this process we will optimize your website for search engines, re-create efficient templates and reproduce all web content in a standard, universal code.

By switching to our optimized network, you can upgrade your web operations to an open source framework that will boost your online presence and ensure maximum efficiency of your online marketing strategies.

A few good reasons to migrate your websites

  • Migrate from complex administration CMS to inline browse & edit SeoToaster CMS
  • Migrate on-premises dedicated or virtual servers to our worldwide content delivery network 
  • Migrate multiple independant websites to a centralized multi-sites online marketing platform 
  • Migrate website content, apps and data for optimum search engine indexation
  • Move website-specific apps to a distributed multi-sites networked app server
  • Upgrade your proprietary CMS system to open source CMS 
  • Migrate local or prorprietary databases (MS SQL, Oracle) to cloud-based, open source MySQL
  • Upgrade your proprietary operating system to open source operating system
  • Migrate from proprietary CMS code to open source, W3C standard web code