Remarketing Services

Remarketing Services

Remarketing: re-capture lost visitors and abandoned carts

Unfortunately for online store operators, statistics consistently show that for the overwhelming majority of visitors, purchasing items is never a single, straight-forward process :

  •    98% of visitors of a website leave without any purchase or action
  •    70% abandon their shopping cart without saving it
  •    65% of e-commerce sales take more than one visit to completion
  •    47% of e-commerce sales take more than one day to completion

Thanks to SeoSamba Remarketing services, you can re-capture visitors that have left your website without action or purchase by displaying ads reminding them to come back with smart, dynamic and targeted ads.

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Re-engage lost traffic with SeoSamba Dynamic Remarketing

SeoSamba helps you create, customize and broadcast targeted and efficient ad campaigns following a step-by-step process re-evaluated based on actual results:

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  • Configuration of your website and remarketing campaign
  • Analysis of statistics on your website’s landing pages
  • Creation of visitors’ lists based on profiles and actions
  • Deployment of targeted dynamic ads (per pages or user profiles)