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HubSpot Website Hosting vs SeoSamba

Hosting Services Review

Hubspot vs SeoSamba: who provides the best hosting services?

Hubspot Website Hosting Review

Hubspot Website Hosting



HubSpot offers regular hosting which is not suitable for multi-sites online marketing strategies.

HubSpot's hosting solution requires a separate virtual server and marketing platform for each domain, multiplying installation and support costs, while multi-sites integration will generate extra development expenses as it is not provided out-of-the-box.

In other terms, using HubSpot for multi-sites marketing strategies increases implementation costs and long term investment while augmenting the risk of blacklisting with search engines due to duplicated content on the same IP blocks.


SeoSamba Website Hosting Review

SeoSamba Website Hosting

SeoSamba's patent-pending hub & spoke architecture delivers front-end web hosting from the Amazon cloud.

With SeoSamba, your networked websites are hosted on different "class C" IP addresses in order to maximize SEO benefits.

The marketing hub 'SambaSaaS' lets you optimize, manage and market centrally all your SeoToaster websites while AWS cloud-based hosting ensures full compatibility with search engines requirements and standards.

In addition, you’re free to host your website front-end on your own servers.

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HubSpot is a good starting point for professional blogs and small websites however its hosting solutions lacks the scalability and flexibility needed to operate wider SEO and marketing strategies as integration and support costs will be exponential due to lack of multi-sites support.

Meanwhile, SeoSamba's patent-pending hub & spoke technology facilitates SEO, social networking and web marketing best practices across any number of websites through a single cloud-based interface.

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