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HubSpot Review

HubSpot Software vs SeoSamba

HubSpot vs SeoSamba: best all-in-one marketing solution?

Hubspot all-in-one marketing




While Hubspot* has not coined the term “inbound marketing”, it has certainly contributed to popularizing one of the buzz words of 2012.

But what technology & services exactly do you find behind the catch-all concept key-phrase when using Hubspot suite of software? What are the important benefits you can expect from it, and what are the ones you should not count on? Is it worth the investment when compared to alternative marketing solutions such as SEO Samba?

Recently upgraded, HubSpots's all-in-one marketing solution aims at mid-size online businesses with a deep integration approach that ties all the tools together. HubSpot’s COS (Content Optimization System) offers integrated blog, website, and landing page system out-of-the-box with a focus on Contacts profiling.

HubSpot segments its offer around 9 concepts: Blogging; SEO; Social Media; Call to Action; Landing Pages; Lead Management; Email; Marketing Automation & Closed Loop Analytics.

In this in-depth comparative reviews, we’ll be looking more precisely at the features supporting these concepts in detail, and then look at Hubspot pricing to access them.

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SeoSamba all-in-one marketing



SeoSamba  invented the first Search Engine Optimization platform back in 2008, since then a number of software providers have followed to offer SEO services in the cloud with a market focus on Enterprise clients.

However, as of 2013, SEO Samba is still the only SEO platform provider focused on execution – as opposed to benchmarking & recommending. This is especially suitable for multi-sites owners. Its pricing also makes it very accessible to small businesses.

SeoSamba’s founding concept is to execute SEO best practices - on top of auditing, recommending and reporting - to build, and market any number of websites with superior search engine organic results.

The assumed technological choice is simply not to re-invent the wheel, with a focus on developing new functionalities while integrating best of breed technologies once they become commodities.

SeoSamba’s 'hub & spokes" framework is composed of SambaSaaS online marketing platform, SeoToaster CMS & SeoToaster E commerce V2.2 goes much further with many valuable - yet free to use - exclusive features.

In this report we look at the merits of each solution, using a feature grid and associated weights, based on our professional marketers & technologists’ opinion*.

* We do not claim to be unbiased, but we try to be as fair as possible to our friends at HubSpot.

HubSpot vs SeoSamba: the matchup






Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 15 4 11
Multi-sites capabilities 10 0 10
Content Management System (CMS) 10 2 8
Hosting 2 1 1
Blogging 8 3 5
Landing Pages 5 3 2
Email Marketing 10 4 6
Lead Management 5 3 2
Analytics 5 3 2
Socia Media Tools 10 5 5
Marketplace 5 3 2
Pricing 15 5 10





Our decision: SeoSamba wins by a reasonable margin

seosamba logo

Above and beyond multi-site situations where HubSpot is simply not competitive, we believe that SeoSamba’s execution-based approach offers several practical benefits to small businesses over HubSpot’s suite of tools.

In essence, HubSpot offers a CMS & a blog with a few pre-built marketing metrics. Hubspot offers no automation that isn’t found in other, cheaper leading CRM’s & analytics packages, and no competitive advantage when it comes to eyeballs acquisition from organic search results. The integration plays nicely its part when it comes to social media monitoring but this looks rather thin as a benefit.

SeoSamba’s focus on actual traffic & lead generation, content creation, optimized information distribution and link building activities, is result-oriented. As a result, time-restrained small business managers will get a much bigger bang for their buck with SeoSamba rather than HubSpot. This difference is even larger when taking into consideration both tools price-points.

In addition, SeoSamba’s open source and standard component, hub & spoke architecture & focus on multi-site management makes it a lot safer & more scalable long-term strategy.

* All trademarks mentioned herein belong to their respective owners.

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