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HubSpot CMS COS vs SeoSamba

Content Management System Review

Hubspot vs SeoSamba: who has the best CMS?

Hubspot CMS Review


As front-end of your website and central piece of your online marketing strategy, your Content Management System should be fast, user-friendly and flexible.

HubSpot does includes a CMS, but one that is based on a proprietary system with inherently limited capabilities and support.

HubSpot has released a new interface dubbed "COS" (Content Optimization System) along with some improvements including a "Template Builder" split into two functions : a "Layout Builder" and a "Code Editor" built upon Bootstrap.

While those new functions are a welcomed addition for users, it still calls for HubSpot-specialized developers to code any advanced customization. 

Moreover it is not advisable nor practical to host and manage a large website on HubSpot COS, notwithstanding increasing costs in the long term due to a pricing policy based on the number of registered contacts.

A proprietary system means that the day you leave Hubspot, you leave your website behind with it. This translates in additional costs because of restricted layout and actions, plugin developments or inability to use true HTML/CSS standards.



SeoSamba CMS Review




SeoSamba offers an inline editing CMS that is free and open source and anchored into today’s technical standards.

As an open source software, SeoToaster lets you build new applications seamlessly within your website using W3C standards such as HTML/CSS, PhP, REST API and plugin SDK.

The inline edition gives users a fast and reliable way to edit content or add any functionality on the fly with immediate results, including complex e-commerce features such as products listings, forms, quotes and optimized landing pages.

This translates into lesser costs of development, maintenance, and the ability to migrate your online front-end to any standard content management system.

Should you decide not to use SeoSamba’s premium services, this is a definite big plus for website owners over proprietary systems such as HubSpot.

Our decision: SeoSamba wins by a wide margin

 seosamba logoSeoToaster CMS and HubSpot COS are comparable in terms of benefits for end users, each with its own merits.

Free and open source, SeoToaster doubles as a powerful e-commerce solution and a great point of sale system with integrated online quote engine and other useful functions which require additional costs on HubSpot COS.

Whether in its CMS or E-commerce version, SeoToaster is vastly superior to Hubspot’s CMS from a user interface, capabilities, evolution and management stand-point.

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Searching for a better alternative to Hubspot CMS?

SeoToaster CMS is the answer