Email Marketing

Best-of-breed SEO and email marketing solutions

SeoSamba accommodates virtually all multiple email marketing platform providers through its newsletter management component. SeoSamba helps you create information once and distribute it through multiples channels with a single click including Press Releases, RSS, Yahoo News, Google News, Web newsletters, and email marketing.

Thanks to its project-wide Press Release, News & Email marketing facility, SeoSamba technology help you acquire more visibility while expanding less efforts.

News items are built by default to be compliant with news aggregator standards such as those used by Yahoo News and Google News, RSS feeds are built and distributed automatically to hundreds of directories, all in order to augment your sites’ visibility and raise your corporate profile. SeoSamba also features a news archive section while keeping original URLs, in order to keep benefits from published news.

It only gets better from here. SeoSamba also enables you to create your own email newsletter built from a selection of news items you have created across all of your web site properties in both text and HTML format, making it an extremely flexible choice for franchise marketers.

Finally, SeoSamba makes the code created available for cutting and pasting into your favorite email marketing campaign management provider so that you can efficiently broadcast your message and accurately track your email marketing results—whether you are using Vertical Response, Constant Contact, Emma, Got Corp., Broadwick, Topica or any others.

Pro-active digital marketing : push vs. pull

While more proactive than search engine listings, e-mail marketingit may not be as significant over time. Some users will love you for that and some will despise you, but as long as you let them opt out without hassle they probably won't mind as long as you leave them alone

Secondly, with the generalization of HTML-based email, you can now send a much more appealing, complete web page acting as a front door to your entire site, as long as it features interesting and updated content. The HTML format allows you to track who has opened your email and who has followed particular links.

The third big advantage is that it has a very low per-user cost, as anything sent to a hundred prospects can be sent to a thousand. Want to spread the news around? No problem. Newsletters and promotions are always welcome, as long as they are in tune with your customers' buying habits. Provide original content and you will soon reap the fruits of proactive viral marketing.